Our Unique Approach to Diet / Digestion / Nutritional Challenges

A MAJOR key to unlocking Your body’s healing ability is knowing where things are going wrong.

Over the years I have always had an intense desire to maximize my nutritional capability. I have taken countless post-graduate courses. I’ve become certified by the Loomis Institute and received a certificate from the Functional Medicine University. I’ve investigated the nutritional companies, not the multi-level, upline, downline types. I’m referring to the companies that only work with doctors. The type that require special training to prescribe certain products. I’ve listened to the experts and the so-called experts. I became frustrated with what I refer to as the general cookie cutter approach to solving nutritional problems.

In the early years, I was often dissatisfied. Why? Because I wanted a complete system. Not just a program of ‘if this person has this then give him that’. I wanted something based ertirely on human physiology.

Our unique approach to unlocking Your health challenges is a system that includes a 24 hour urinalysis, Homeostatic Palpation Challenge Physical Exam, and a detailed Signs & Symptoms survey, specialized blood pressure testing and acidity vs. alkalinity testing.

24 Hour Urinalysis (UA)

The 24-hr UA determines enzyme deficiencies and isolates digestive disorders and nutrient deficiencies. What is important to note is this should not be confused with the typical medical (UA) which is looking for pathology (diesase). The urine is collected in a specific 24-hour period of time.

More specifically, we can evaluate what a person cannot digest, absorb, or assimilate, along with nutritional deficiencies. For example, any elements that should be in the urine but aren’t indicates a problem because the body is using all there is or dumping it out.

Examples of what the 24-hr UA shows:

  Volume- indicates how well the kidneys are functioning.

Specific Gravity- indicates general hydration of the body.

Indican- indicates the toxicity, putrefaction, gas and fermentation in the intestines.

pH- indicates urine acidity verses alkalinity.

Chloride- indicates a salt excess or a fat deficiency.

Total Sediment-indicates the digestive stress or digestive inadequacy.

Calcium Phosphate-indicates carbohydrate digestion

Uric Acid-indicates protein digestion

Calcium Oxalate-indicates fat digestion.

See a sample UA report and explanation here.

Homeostatic Palpation Challenge Physical Examination

Palpation means to elicit information by touch. Pain and organ dysfunction are always associated with muscle contraction and indicate stress in the body. The stress points indicate deviations in normal function and health of the body. Each positive palpation point corresponds to an undernourished organ.

After the 24-hr UA is received, the individual will be scheduled for this test. The individual will come to the office in a fasting state, not having eaten in at least 4 hours. The Homeostatic Palpation Challenge test includes specific palpation points, structural assessment and flexibility issues.

The individual consumes a glass of Challenge drink, which introduced into the fasting body will be digested. Forty-five minutes later the person will go through the palpation testing again.

Adrenal Function

Stress has been scientifically documented to be related to 80% of all doctors visits and a major contributing factor or cause of most health problems.

Stress is so desturctive because of what it does to create hormonal imbalances and its effect on the stress glands called the adrenal glands.

The adrenal glands produce many hormones that help us handle physical and emotional stress. In situations of chronic stress, these hormones can cause damage and the adrenal glands can become fatigued. This can affect the quantity of hormones that are produced.

The adrenal glands produce hormones that influence sleep, digestion, weight gain, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, allergies, immunity, heart function, fatigue and more. These glands can be checked and if malfunctioning, can be repaired through diet and supplements.


Over 82,000 foreign chemicals are in our food, air and water! These toxins create weight problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

If pH is under 7.0, we consider you to be toxic.

Signs & Symptoms Survey

Designed to assist us in understanding exactly what struggles your body may be going through. Many times you have various signs and symptoms that do not appear to have anything to do with what brought you into the office. Example: Your back hurts, you may not tell us that you also are experiencing bloating and constipation.

The signs & symptoms survey help us dig deeper to uncover your unique stress.

Click here to download the Nutritional Assessment Questionairre.

Putting The Pieces Together

These three distinct areas allow us to target on how to most efficiently and effectively over your health challenges.Additionally, you will be given a specific comprehensive list of good and poor food choices. If followed, eating the good choices and avoiding the poor choices, your success will accelerate.Improvement can be as soon as days. However, we recommend giving the system at least a full 90 days before assessing it’s effectiveness.Contact us here to find out your next step in beginning this process!Learn 10 Easy Lessons in Enzyme NutritionClick Here to learn these lessons and how this program could be right for you!

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