Enzyme Exercises


The following enzyme exercise are only to be done at the direction of the Doctor. They are designed to accelerate recovery and work in conjunction with the specialized nutritional work done in our office.

Each exercise should be done twice per day start with two sets and build up slowly over time.
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Arm and Shoulder Stretch 

For shoulder fixations and unequal arm length


Stand with your hands clasped behind your back. Your arms should be extended and your elbows straightened. Keep your chest out and head back slightly.

To begin, gradually raise your arms as if they were handles on a pump. When you have elevated your hands as far as they will go (keeping your elbows straight), begin arching your back. When the end of the range of motion is reached, slowly count to five.

Then begin to bend forward slowly at the waist while continuing to raise your clasped hands with your elbows straight. Your head drops forward as you continue to bend forward. Keep bending at least to 90 degrees. When you can’t bend any further, hold this position for a count of ten.

eturn to upright position and rest. Repeat two more times.

Go slowly and breath normally.

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