Back or Neck Pain? We can help you!

If you have tried other chiropractors without measurable results, please do not give up.  Come in for a free consultation we can help!

We will use the latest technology to analyze, locate and correct problems and employ strategies for health maximization to unlock your healing potential!

If you have had back or neck surgery, or are thinking about it we can help treat your symptoms and get you back to a pain free lifestyle.

When you become a member of our practice you receive the best of:

  • Advanced Technologies to analyze, locate and correct problems
  • Strategies for Health Maximization
  • Practical Information to Unlock Your Healing Potential
  • Success Principles and Habits to Further Your Improvement toward Optimal Health

Dr. Darrell Swolensky has been practicing in Henderson Nevada for more than 15 years. He focuses on helping people become and remain pain-free. His cutting-edge technologies are the finest in the state of Nevada.